Monday, May 17, 2010

10 year anniversary

This year Doodlebug (DB) and I (GB) have been married 8 years. Earlier this month was our 10 year anniversary; not of being married but of meeting. 10 years ago, I made a fateful decision not to back out on a blind date. Yes, we met on a blind date. It was actually a double date, so I met 3 new people on that first night.

We ate at Maggiano's, I do not remember what I ate or what DB ate; but, imprinted on my mind is us holding hands in the booth. We have been holding hands ever since. For our 10 year anniversary we went back to Maggiano's for dinner. This year we held hands across the table and I could not tell you what I ate, only that we held hands.

I am grateful that my husband has stood by me, through the years. Some years our love has been tested, abused and pushed to the limit, yet we have emerged stronger, wiser and more loving.
I often wonder if I would change the past and I am not sure that I would. I am not sure that we would be the loving couple that we are today without experiencing the difficult times. I love my husband and thank the stars above for him daily.

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