Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Furlough Day

Currently, one of the perks I have working for the state is furlough days. While many people complain about having to take a day off without pay, I do not mind. Today, was my last furlough day for the fiscal year. A co-worker and I traveled to see "Diana a celebration" exhibit. If the exhibit comes to a city near you, it is worth visiting. The exhibit features photos, home movies, clothing and of course her wedding gown! As a child I watched the wedding on TV (didn't everyone)? It was amazing to see the 25 foot train in person and realize how long it really is. When you saw the gown on TV it did not reveal the detailing or the lace. Such a simple but complex gown.

The most amazing part of the exhibit were the hundreds of condolence books that were signed by common people and sent to her family. What a tragedy that she passed away so young.

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