Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shen Edmund Fitzfurred

Since we do not have children, the furry ones have become my kids. I would love to have children; however, DB has decided that kids are not something he wants to commit to. Therefore, I thought it would be nice to dedicate a post to each of our current kids.

Shen entered my life a few months before DB. I went to the animal shelter with Tam, who was looking for a kitten, at that time I had 3 cats and 2 ferrets. Plenty to keep a person busy. However, while Tam was in line to check out with her new found cat (Leo), I wandered the halls wishing I could take all the children home to live with me. I happened to walk into a small room that housed adult cats and there in the top left kennel sitting all the way in the back was this small bundle of fur. I opened the door to the kennel and this small, sad looking bundle came forward and my heart melted. I turned, looked at the prison worker, yes, prisoners work in the animal shelters here, and stated "DO NOT let anyone take my dog'!

I marched up to the front desk, past Tam who was saying, "you found something, didn't you" and promptly paid the adoption fee on this bundle of fur. Now mind you, at this particular moment, I was UNEMPLOYED. Once the adoption fee had been paid, the records on this nameless bundle of fur were brought out a
nd I learned that not only did my new child not have a name, he was born with a birth defect... a harelip. His previous owner had turned him in that very morning indicating that they thought his mouth would grow together. Obviously not the brightest bulb had bred and owned this bundle of fur.

The information provided indicated said bundle of fur was approximately 8 months old and a Pekingese. Having never owned or really looked closely at the breed standard for a Pekingese, I was quite pleased with myself. Tam and I exited the animal shelter with one cat (Leo) and harelipped un-named Pekingese.

Picture of a breed standard Pekingese.

Picture of my

You do see the resemblance! Well don't you?

To shorten what has become quite a long post about my first born, I ended up naming this bundle of fur Shen. I just ran through Chinese names on the internet until I read one that he looked up at. His full name is Shen Edmund Fitzfurred.

I love this bundle of fur. He makes me happy when I am sad and loves me just for being me. Shen has brought so much happiness into our lives, you never can get too mad at him because if you do, he will look at you and then let his tongue slip out of his mouth and you cannot but laugh. Shen may not be considered a breed standard Pekingese or even a pure bred Peke; but, he is mine and I love him just the way he is.

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