Thursday, June 24, 2010


There has been so much going on lately that neither DB nor I have come up for air. Here is a short list of what has been happening:

1. House painted

2. Shen and Ling visited the vet to the tune of $400.00! Can you say "get a job"!
You do remember them:
3. Peanut visited & stayed with the vet, we have not gotten that bill yet and she not been officially introduced.
4. I have been in charge of watering the garden at the barn & with the average temperature above 95 degrees, that has taken on a life of its own.
5. We are still babying our tomato plants & have picked 50 cherry tomatoes and 2 large tomatoes.
6. DB has been working late trying to stay on top of his job. He is very busy & getting new grey hairs daily. I can with all certainty say, the newest grey hairs have not been caused by GB!

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