Saturday, July 3, 2010

Exciting Friday Night

This was our stimulating conversation last night:

GB: Can I take pictures of your toes?
GB: Why?
DB: Why do you want pictures of my toes
GB: For the internet
DB: NO, NO!!
GB: Come on, it will be fun
GB: Do you want another beer?

Fast Forward one hour....

Let me explain my fascination with DB's toes. DB only recently has allowed his feet to see the light of day. For the first 7 years we were married, he wore socks and shoes... even in the house. I guess all my nagging finally convinced him that allowing his feet to breathe is a good thing.

Now, DB only wears flip flops... that is not entirely true... he wears shoes while at work, but at the house and in the car, flip flops rule. DB has the curliest toes I have ever seen, he can hold a flip flop to his feet with only the strength of his toes.

DB does not, will not, can not, stand outside without his beloved flip flops. I know I drive him crazy... I never wear shoes. I wear shoes at work and at the barn because I have to. At the house, I am bare footed all the time. Of course, when I was a child I was extremely pigeon-toed, I had corrective shoes to no avail. A doctor finally told my mom to let me run on the beach bare footed... it worked and I have been bare footed ever since.

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