Friday, July 16, 2010

Updates and Happenings

Holy Happenings Batpeople, Doodle and I have been busy. So busy that while many new and exciting things have happened, I have been too exhausted to even consider writing anything. Okay, really nothing that exciting has happened in the last week, but I feel it is my civic duty to keep everyone up to date. Yes, this is a random picture, it was taken in while we were in Puerto Rico earlier this year.

Summer has officially arrived here in the south, the average temperature has been in the mid 90's. I do not like the heat, the humidity or really the south; therefore, I have been quite miserable the past week. It is too hot to ride Austin, when it is over 90 degrees, I just cannot imagine jumping on his back and forcing h
im to carry me around. Unfortunately, we are planning on attending his second show next month... he still needs work! In all honesty, he needs less work than I do.

My past two riding lessons have consisted of being on a lunge line and trying desperately to learn
to trot with no stirrups. For those of you who have been riding your entire life, this is probably easy, for an almost 40 year old to learn, it is something of a challenge. It does not help that Austin is tall, much taller than I would like to fall from; but, practice makes perfect and I now do not look like quite so much like one of the pop-up toys. I would love to share photos of this (NOT) but since I take the majority of the pictures, there are no pictures of me being an airplane or almost falling off. I know, how disappointing.

I must let everyone know that Peanut is fully recovered f
rom her ordeal a few weeks back, she is back to her perky, grunting kitty self. Peanut has recently discovered that she can go outside via the dog door; however, she has not figured out how to get back into the house via the dog door. Instead, she jumps the fence and spends the day sleeping on the front porch waiting for her entourage to arrive and let her in.One last update, last weekend we had the grand idea to make our own ice cream. Yes, we own an ice cream maker that has never been out of the box. Let me repeat that, in 15+ years, IT HAS NEVER BEEN OUT OF THE BOX!!! Now, I am sure you are asking yourselves, how hard is it to make ice cream... very, my friends, very. We had this grand idea around 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, off Doodle went to the store, ingredient list in hand. Meanwhile back at the homestead, I semi-read the directions...

1) place cylinder thing in freezer before making ice cream. Check
2) cylinder thing should be in plastic bag. No Check
3) cylinder thing should in coldest part of freezer. No Check

4) cylinder thing must freeze for a minimum of 8 hours before making ice cream. I am sure you see where this is going. No Check

Fast forward a couple of hours, I cannot stand it any longer, ice cream must be made, directions indicate it will only take 30 minutes until it is ready to eat. Ice Cream Here We Come! We dutifully mix the ingredients, carefully dump the mixture into the cylinder thingy and away we go. 30 minutes later, we still have liquid, granted good tasting liquid but liquid none-the-less. At this point, I more carefully read the instructions and determine there is a fatal flaw in the ice cream plan... cylinder thingy was not frozen.


Solution! Carefully dump liquid into a container and place in freezer, it is after all ice cream. Let me just stay, the ice cream did eventually freeze, so damn hard we had to let it melt to eat it and something was not quite right with it. This weekend, we will attempt take 2 on the ice cream. Stay tuned.

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