Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weekend Update

Friday night we attended the symphony under the stars. The ASO presented Broadway Rocks, it was a great concert with world class singers performing some of the most memorable Broadway songs. We thought we were getting a great package deal with lawn chairs and what was advertised as "picnic baskets" for each of us. The picnic basket turned out to be one of the following:

Hot Dog
Polish Sausage (glorified hot dog)
Chicken Tenders

In my humble opinion that is not picnic basket fare. Once we ate our "picnic baskets" we spread the blanket, set-up the chairs and proceeded to sweat profusely! Okay, we really did enjoy the evening, although it was very warm and humid. The singers were wonderful and the symphony is always soothing to listen to.
We went with a couple of friends... it was so humid the camera lens fogged up, but at least I did take their picture... They are a great couple and we really enjoyed the evening.

The remainder of the weekend was just as hot and humid, we did manage to get the yard work completed, including pulling more weeds than DB thought necessary. Our tomato plant has died in this heat, the last bunch of tomatoes were not good. Apparently with temperatures above 90, the pollination does not take place effectively and they just rotted on the vine.

Sunday we headed to the mall, it has been such a long time that I have been shopping... the horror of shopping. I have not been that depressed in awhile, I am definitely getting old, everything looked so young, so frilly, so flowery, and so not me! Everything I liked, was of course, not on sale. I gave up on the clothes and instead we purchased steak knives that we have needed badly and a couple of replacement pans. What does that say about us when we get excited about getting new pans.

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