Friday, August 27, 2010

Minor Breakdown

Earlier this week, I had a minor breakdown about school. I have been overwhelmed with the amount of work to say the least. I volunteered to be the discussion leader in one of my classes and after meeting with the professor discovered that even though I had read the material, it was unclear.

DB arrived home to find me once again in tears sitting at the computer. I just feel so inadequate compared to all the others in the cohort. I have never traveled extensively, worked in the political arena and after being out of school for twenty years, my brain is rather mushy!

Luckily, DB was there with open arms to comfort me, tell me I am one of the smartest people he knows (he lies so well!), and help me figure out a way to study what we are suppose to be learning. I can say with all certainty that if DB was not supportive, I would not be in graduate school. I love you Doodle Bug!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One Week Down

Wow, graduate school is so much harder than I thought it would be. I knew it was going to be busy, time consuming and difficult, but all the planning in the world did not prepare me for this! The amount of reading that is being required is mind boggling... 5 chapters for one class, 4 chapters for another class, chapters and handouts for the last class.

It is not just reading, it is discussion points and reflection papers due weekly on the reading. A couple of the books are interesting; however, today, I read an article and I still have no clue what they were talking about. I had to keep looking up the words used in the article... I feel dumb!

Let me say that again, I feel dumb!

I have decided to just take this adventure one week at a time. I am grateful that DB is home every night, he ensures that not only I eat but the furry ones as well. DB has been reading my papers and he really makes me think about what I am saying, again so grateful he is in my life. Happy Reading Everyone!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sunday Polo Match

Last Sunday, DB & I attended our final outing before school ramped up full speed, a polo match. Neither of us had ever attended a match before, it was really exciting! Controlled chaos! The thunder of the hoofs as the horses ran down the field. I told DB when school is over, I am going to learn to play polo... he just looked at me. I know he is thinking, why can't I pick something that does not involve possible and probable bodily harm.

This gentlemen was the oldest player on the field, no one would reveal his age. What I love is the contentment, and joy on his face, knowing he just played another great match.

I can say that no one fell off!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hummingbirds and Squirrels

The hummingbirds have been very active this week, they have been drinking almost 4 ounces of food daily. I think the heat has finally taken a toll on them. Usually we only have 2 -4 birds fighting over the feeder, this past weekend we had up to 6 birds buzzing one another at the feeder. I finally got the camera set-up, so DB & I could get a couple of pictures of the birds.

We also had a squirrel visit us this weekend. While I was busy reading (the joys of school), DB came in and asked what the squirrel was doing on the deck. I am not sure how to describe what the little guy/gal was doing, you can decide for yourself.
If you look closely, he was on the deck long enough to have used it as a bathroom area...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Life as we know it

Life as DB and I know it is changing, drastically... I started graduate school! I had planned on not telling too many people about school, just in case, I did not make it through the program; but, I figured the more people that know, the less likely it will be that I fail. It is a cohort style program, meaning in December 2011, I will graduate. This also means it is a full schedule of classes for the next 18 months... 3 classes each semester to be exact. I have 11 books this semester for the classes.

other interesting part of this cohort is it is completely online, yes, I will now be attached to the computer 24 hours a day! So far, only two of the classes have been loaded to the online system that we are using; but, I have a paper due weekly in one class, scattered papers for the other and of course the all important discussion points that must be entered for each class.

I had a minor breakdown yesterday, DB arrived home and found me sitting at the computer in tears just trying to write a brief introduction about myself. The professors asked what I wanted to get out of the degree, I had no idea what to say. I do not expect a Masters to further my career at this point in my life. At 40, you do not up and decide to move and work in Washington D.C. or overseas. I want a Masters for me, I want to prove to myself that I do have what it takes to complete this degree. I also want the Masters for my mom. She has always been the rock of our family, she works harder than anyone I know. To see her face when I finish this cohort and I walk across the stage and accept my Masters degree, is all the motivation I need.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Thank you Lowe's

As previously mentioned, DB put up blinds this past weekend. I just have to give a shout out to Lowe's for their outstanding customer service and for going above and beyond to help us out. Eight months ago we custom ordered Levolor Day/Night blinds for the house. These blinds have a "black-out" feature built into them for sleeping.

Eight months ago, our blinds arrived and were installed. We were disappointed to say the least, they did not darken the room as advertised. We chided ourselves for being taken and lived with them. We happened to need one additional blind for a room that still had a towel hanging in the window. Off to Lowe's we went to order the matching blind (although we were not happy with them, the house had to match)!

This new blind arrived and Holy Smokes Batman... it darkened the room!

**** DING****

Light goes off, the original blinds were incorrect! Imagine trying to explain this fact eight month later to a Lowe's assistant. Luckily, the Lowe's employee understood our situation and worked tirelessly to assist us in getting replacement blinds. Lowe's ordered new blinds for us at no charge. I cannot thank the staff at our local Lowe's enough for assisting us. Please know that your kindness did not go unnoticed and it is people like you that continue to renew my faith in this country.

Please everyone, shop at Lowe's!

Weekend Warriors

Happy Monday! DB put the new blinds up this weekend and we now have darkened rooms for sleeping. We purchased the day/night blinds by Levolor and they actually work!

While DB was busy with the blinds I was busy helping with a nine year old birthday party. It was a horse themed party that included pony rides, bobbing for apples and an obstacle course. I came home sweaty, dirty and exhausted; but, the kids had fun and that is what is important.

On Saturday night, I went back to the ASO for "Disney in Concert". The ASO performed pieces from the most loved Disney movies. We even had a sing-a-long of "It's A Small World".

That is the extent of our fun filled weekend, which fly by and are too short. I think we should petition for longer weekends and shorter work weeks. I am still trying to sort through all the pictures that DB and I have taken over the last 10 years. I thought I would post a random shot that we both love.

Barefoot Beach, FL

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We acquired PhotoShop Elements last year, I love the program but it is so difficult to learn to use. I am quite proficient at organizing the photos; but, editing them is more challenging. Here are a few photos that I have "put through the editing process"...

We ordered flowering plants this year from Spring Hill Nursery and had them shipped to us. I have been very impressed with the plants so far, considering they started out as mere sticks. I thought the pods on the butterfly bush was beautiful.
And the flowers on the other Butterfly Bush have been attracting, well, I think they are moths. But bugs, none-the-less!

Of course I have to add one of my signature pictures of the sky, perhaps I am a reincarnated cloud? Honestly, the sky was really separated like this. Half the sky was dark and the other was light, kind of like life sometimes. It just serves as a reminder to always see the light and good in life, no matter how dark and difficult times become.

Disclaimer: Spring Hill Nursery has no idea who I am and I was not paid to promote their company.