Saturday, August 14, 2010

Life as we know it

Life as DB and I know it is changing, drastically... I started graduate school! I had planned on not telling too many people about school, just in case, I did not make it through the program; but, I figured the more people that know, the less likely it will be that I fail. It is a cohort style program, meaning in December 2011, I will graduate. This also means it is a full schedule of classes for the next 18 months... 3 classes each semester to be exact. I have 11 books this semester for the classes.

other interesting part of this cohort is it is completely online, yes, I will now be attached to the computer 24 hours a day! So far, only two of the classes have been loaded to the online system that we are using; but, I have a paper due weekly in one class, scattered papers for the other and of course the all important discussion points that must be entered for each class.

I had a minor breakdown yesterday, DB arrived home and found me sitting at the computer in tears just trying to write a brief introduction about myself. The professors asked what I wanted to get out of the degree, I had no idea what to say. I do not expect a Masters to further my career at this point in my life. At 40, you do not up and decide to move and work in Washington D.C. or overseas. I want a Masters for me, I want to prove to myself that I do have what it takes to complete this degree. I also want the Masters for my mom. She has always been the rock of our family, she works harder than anyone I know. To see her face when I finish this cohort and I walk across the stage and accept my Masters degree, is all the motivation I need.

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