Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We acquired PhotoShop Elements last year, I love the program but it is so difficult to learn to use. I am quite proficient at organizing the photos; but, editing them is more challenging. Here are a few photos that I have "put through the editing process"...

We ordered flowering plants this year from Spring Hill Nursery and had them shipped to us. I have been very impressed with the plants so far, considering they started out as mere sticks. I thought the pods on the butterfly bush was beautiful.
And the flowers on the other Butterfly Bush have been attracting, well, I think they are moths. But bugs, none-the-less!

Of course I have to add one of my signature pictures of the sky, perhaps I am a reincarnated cloud? Honestly, the sky was really separated like this. Half the sky was dark and the other was light, kind of like life sometimes. It just serves as a reminder to always see the light and good in life, no matter how dark and difficult times become.

Disclaimer: Spring Hill Nursery has no idea who I am and I was not paid to promote their company.

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