Thursday, September 9, 2010

30 Days

It has almost been one month since I started graduate school. In these short 4 weeks lots has happened:
  • I turned 40
  • I have a great group of friends
  • Mom came for a visit - thank goodness, I have missed her!
  • I have had minor breakdowns weekly
  • I have many, many more gray hairs than before - sorry folks no pictures of that one!
  • Doodle has accepted the role of major care-giver of the furry ones
  • The furry ones are now allowed in rooms they were not before *This is Doodle talking... I do not agree with this, this is wrong, they should not be allowed in these rooms!*
  • I have my own personal Back To School Fairy
  • I feel like I have been in school for years
  • I realize I love my husband even more than I thought possible

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