Sunday, September 26, 2010


We woke to the sounds of rain! Okay, we actually woke to the sounds of Ling barking, alerting us that rain was here at 3:00 am. But alias, it is raining and that is a very good thing. The rain has been steady for most of the morning, according to the rain gauge we have gotten a couple of inches. I opened the windows so I can listen to the rain and am about to head out for ice cream. When we were kids, whenever it rained we would load up, head to the beach and eat ice cream.

Mom brought us a couple of rain chains. Doodle has only put one up so far, we are not sure where to put the other.

The rain produced a beautiful double rainbow, of course, I can not figure out how to fit the entire rainbow in one picture, so here are both ends.

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