Sunday, November 21, 2010

Small Harmless Looking Lizard

Did you know lizards bite? And have teeth?  How do I know this, you ask yourself... yesterday I was bit by a lizard!  Why you ask was I holding a lizard?  Let me set the stage: we had gone to check on a house, there was a small, harmless, looking lizard in the basement.  (Not so harmless after all)  
Since lizards are one of God's creatures and I believe all creatures great and small should have a fighting chance to live, the lizard must be moved outside to bask in the warmth of the sun.  Have you ever tried to herd a lizard?  Herding a lizard is about as easy as herding cats!  He zigged and I zagged, he ran over my shoe and I managed not to scream in terror.  
About this time, DB walks in and asks why I just do not pick him up by the tail?  Come on people, we all know that their tails fall off and that is the last thing I wanted to be holding.  Instead, I had the grand idea to just scoop him up.  After all, he is a small, harmless looking lizard!  The lizard stops, I reach down, scoop him up, thinking this will be quick and easy, out the door with him and he bites me!  He bit down on my palm, I scream and fling the small, harmless looking lizard 10 feet across the room.   The lizard hits the wall across the room and is obviously dazed and confused.  
I exclaim, I WAS BIT BY A LIZARD, at which time DB says, I did not know they bite.  Brilliant aren't we!
Examining my hand, there is a spot where the skin had been scraped, probably from me flinging the small, harmless looking lizard across the room.  At this time, I determine is much more prudent to herd the lizard toward the door.  After 5 minutes both the lizard and I are outside, exhausted, and mentally drained.  Before we left I checked to ensure the small, harmless looking lizard was still alive and thankfully he was.  
If there is a moral to this story, I have no idea what it is, except that small, harmless looking lizards can be quite menacing.

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