Sunday, January 23, 2011

Good Morning Sunshine

Morning is my favorite time of the day.  

Taken this morning from front porch
The house is quiet, the street is quiet, the world is still.  I have my coffee, Doodle is sleeping, Rio has taken up her new post on my lap, and Mo is sitting in the window waiting for the sun to rise.  I have always been a morning person, I generally wake before the sun rises, I wonder if this is because watching the sunrise is one of my favorite things.  The sun breaking over the horizon, the world slowly stretching, spreading its wings.  

Few minutes later... if only the house was not in the way

I take pictures of sunrises all the time, if one looks particularly magnificent, I'll run outside in my pajamas and snap a few shots.  I am grateful the neighbors are still sleeping when this happens!  When I look back on them later, I can still remember the way the morning felt, clean, new, fresh.  Mornings remind me that everyday you have a new chance to do the best you can, you cannot go back and change yesterday, so make a difference today.

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