Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A History Lesson

150 years ago, January 19, 1861, Georgia voted to secede from the Union.  At the time, the state capital was located in Milledgeville.  During the lead up to the vote the general population of Georgia was about evenly divided between seceding or not.  However, there were more elected pro-secession delegates.  Below is the final paragraph of the Georgia Declaration of Secession.

"...their declared principles and policy they have outlawed $3,000,000,000 of our property in the common territories of the Union; put it under the ban of the Republic in the States where it exists and out of the protection of Federal law everywhere; because they give sanctuary to thieves and incendiaries who assail it to the whole extent of their power, in spite of their most solemn obligations and covenants; because their avowed purpose is to subvert our society and subject us not only to the loss of our property but the destruction of ourselves, our wives, and our children, and the desolation of our homes, our altars, and our firesides. To avoid these evils we resume the powers which our fathers delegated to the Government of the United States, and henceforth will seek new safeguards for our liberty, equality,
security, and tranquility".   

In February 1861, the seceded states created the Confederacy of Southern States.  

On April 12, 1861, the Civil War began with shots fired on Fort Sumter, South Carolina.   

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