Saturday, January 15, 2011


Thank you to everyone for your kind words about Peanut, it means so much knowing others understand that grieving over a cat is normal.

Our oldest cat, Rio, who is, do I dare say it, (she is sitting right here) 17 years old has decided that I cannot be alone while studying.  I do not know a lot about the grieving process of cats but Rio has been much more tolerant of the youngest cat, Mo and wants to sit on my lap.  Both of these characteristics are not necessarily normal for her.  Rio was the first cat I got when I moved to this forsaken place Georgia.  When Rio was the only cat in the house, she was very loving and in your face.  As she got older, I got married, additional cats came into the house, she became frightened of everything.  

Four years ago after Two Sox passed, I think his essence infused Rio, she was back to being loving and wanting to sit next to you.  Today, she wants to sit on me, she has wedged herself between the desk and me.  She also decided to just claw on and hang from my leg... Peanut use to do this.  I told Rio, that is one trick she needs to unlearn!  Rio weighs much, much more than Peanut and my leg just cannot take the pain.  (Whimpy, I know!)

This weekend Doodle and I will watch Rio and Mo closely to ensure they are handling the changes.  I hope this will bring them closer together, it is only the two of them now...

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  1. kitties do go thru long grieving periods. i made the mistake of getting another cat for my spooky after scruffy died and it was a disaster. the new female attacked the male showing dominance in her new surroundings. your rio is needing a lot of love and attention now. have a great day!