Friday, January 21, 2011

Snails, Snails, and More Snails

Huddled together afraid for their lives
That got your attention didn't it!

As you all know Nemette came to live with us just before the holidays.  Since that time, I have added absolutely NO new fish... however, I have added six, count them, six snails.  About a week ago, the tank was growing green algae and Nemette was not eating said algae.  After a quick call to Imagine Ocean, snails were the answer.  Not a cool algae eating fish (too advanced) but snails.  

Fresh green algae... YUM... my favorite
These little creatures are so cool!  I never thought I would say that about a snail... NO, I have not named them.  Although, the thought did cross my mind.

The snails have eaten all the algae and are keeping the tank quite clean.  I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them. The way they move is quite amazing and so far only two have turned over needing a rescue.  

Next weekend will be our first water change, thankfully Doodle's wonderful parents are coming over to ensure that nothing goes wrong and that we do not kill anything.  After that... watch out Imagine Ocean, here I come!

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