Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Recap

Today is gorgeous, earlier this week it was cold, dreary, and wet.  Yesterday warmed to 55 degrees and today, it is suppose to be 60 degrees... in January!  Of course rain is forecast to come in tomorrow but what a great weekend it has been.  I think the dogs have spring fever, they were crazy this morning running around and the cats have ventured onto the deck for the first time this year.  Even I have spring fever, it has been hard to sit at the computer and study. 

DB's parents came over yesterday morning and assisted with the water change.  It went swimmingly.  We have decided to create a sustainable salt water tank, so I have to wait for the breeders to have fish available.  After seeing how many fish are harvested from the coral reefs and die in the process, I just cannot purchase a fish that came from the ocean.  

DB attempted a new recipe last night.  Fried Oysters!  They were quite yummy, he did a great job on them.  Given that DB was in the kitchen frying the oysters, I was left in charge of the steaks.  DB gave specific instructions, the meat thermometer must read 135 degrees for his steak.  Well... I could not remember was the temperature was suppose to be.  I ended up pulling the steaks off at a temperature of 131 degrees.  Much to my surprise (and Doodle's), the steaks were good, cooked almost perfectly.  Score one for GB! 

That is the extent of our super-duper exciting weekend.  Signing off....


  1. Glad you had a nice weekend! I am ready for spring, too. We have had warmer weather lately and all our snow melted, but we know more snow will be coming. Boo. We get snow in March even.

  2. Those fried oysters sound delicious!!!!...I'm sorry, I can't even comment more as I'm busy thinking about them...