Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Weather

This morning it is 17 degrees.  Let me repeat that, a balmy 17 degrees.  Nope, still does not feel any warmer by adding in balmy!  I am still surprised when it is this cold in the south, DB continues to remind me this is normal; but, in my mind it just is not.  The weather forecast is for snow to start tonight and continue tomorrow.  The run on the grocery stores is already starting, with people stocking up on milk and bread.  Even DB got in on the action ensuring that the generator is operational (for Nemette) and asking if we had food that did not require electricity. 

I firmly stated "WE WILL NOT LOOSE POWER"!    

Now, if we loose power, I will have to eat crow.  What does that exactly mean... eating crow?  Have you ever wondered how someone came up with that saying?  Thanks to the nifty internet and Wikipedia; "Eating Crow" is an English-language idiom dating back to the 1850's meaning humiliation by admitting wrongness or having been proved wrong after taking a strong position.  Eating crow is presumably foul-tasting in the same way that being proved wrong might be emotionally hard to swallow".   

I got off the subject there... What does 17 degrees look like, well, I tried to run outside and get a picture but my fingers froze, (could have something to do with being in pajamas) and I was unable to push the button on the camera.  Here's hoping for the 5-7 inches of snow they are predicting!  Stay tuned. 

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  1. 17 degrees is certainly normal for us here in Phila. although I hate the cold. It has been very, very windy too and that makes it so much worse. We got an 2 inches of snow yesterday and we are expecting a storm early in the week. I love snow that shuts everything down other than that it is just annoying.
    Anyway I am a new visitor and your #2 follower (which I think is so cool) from FF.
    I hope you will stop by and say hello.