Monday, February 21, 2011


Yesterday, DB & I drove out to look at some property.  As we were pulling up the drive, we see this back in the trees off to the side.  
Moultrie Feeders

DB "look they have a deer feeder". 

GB "Where"?

DB "Over there in the trees".

GB " You mean the rain barrel"?

At this point, DB looks at me... "you thought that was a rain barrel"?

GB "Yes, I was just about to say, how nice it was that they were collecting rain water.  But it is nice that they are feeding the deer".

DB "They feed the deer so they can shoot the deer".

GB "Oh".

DB "You really didn't think it was a rain barrel"?

I must confess, I really did think this was a rain barrel, how unfair that you feed the deer only to shoot them.


  1. That seems rather unsporting of them to do that. I'm not a hunter and I would never want to dissuade someone from hunting, but give the deer a chance. I thought part of the fun was the hunt.

  2. Sounds cheater-pants to me! I wouldn't have known it was a deer feeder. :)

  3. It does like cheating to me too, but my husband explained that the deer in some areas have an out of control population and many end up starving b/c there's not enough food/shelter. I'm on the does look like a rain barrel! ;)

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