Monday, February 21, 2011

Learn Something New Tuesday

Life with the Dietrich's

Trying this out for the first time, because the theme is PETS!

1. Have any animals?  

Yes, they are featured regularly on this blog. 

2. Favorite animal? 
This is tough, I love all creatures.  When I was child, I would not allow my father to kill spiders, he had to take them outside because even a spider had a right to live. 
3. If you could have any animal, what would it be? 
A butterfly, does that count as an animal? No, okay, a Prairie Dog.  


4. Pet any weird animals? 
I was lucky enough to pet a baby bear once.  I have no clue where we were but I remember petting the bear.  When I worked for the vet, they had a Golden Eagle come in for surgery, I was lucky enough to help with that, wow what an experience.
5. Ever been to a drive through safari? 
Many times

6. What zoos have you been to, what is your favorite one? 
I do not like nor believe that animals should be kept in zoos. 


  1. I now want a Prairie Dog! :)

    Thanks for joining in!

  2. thanks so much for linking up, hope to see you again next week

    A prairie dog is a good choice!