Thursday, February 10, 2011

The List Day #1

1. People who have influenced or inspired you

Wow, I would have to say first and foremost, my mom.  My mom is the strongest, most loving, wonderful person I know.  My mom is my best friend, she knows my deepest secrets and protects them like her own.  I am so very proud to be her daughter, she worked multiple jobs to ensure that we never wanted for anything.  She graduated from college, the same year I did, her nursing graduation picture is one of my favorites.  While we may not always agree, we always respect each other.

Second, I would say my grandmother.  G-ma, yes, that is what I called her... never had a negative word to say about anyone.  G-ma and I had a running joke, when I was little, I use to tell her she was not allowed to die until I got married and had children.  Well, I did not get married until my 30's and she would say, "you better hurry up, I ain't no spring chicken".  I would counter and say, "G-ma, you are not a spring chicken, you're a baby chick"!  G-ma was there for my wedding, enjoying the cake and champagne.  Whenever, I get frustrated and say negative things about someone, I can hear G-ma, reminding me to always look for the good in everyone.  I endeavor daily and usually fail to remember this.

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