Thursday, February 17, 2011

List Day 3 & 4

I have fallen even further behind in the list challenge!  I am combing three and four as they are related.

3. Places you have been

Every year, Doodle and I go somewhere for our anniversary, we usually travel within the Southeast to a quaint resort or B and B.  We have found some of the most wonderful places, always with friendly folks willing to go the extra mile.  Doodle and I have also been lucky enough to travel to Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, California, South Dakota, Puerto Rico, Mexico.  I have traveled to France, Spain, and England.  We are hoping for a trip once school is completed, it is just not feasible at the moment.

4.Places you want to go

This is easy, I want to visit every country in the world.  Yes, even the dangerous and poor countries.  I love to travel and should have been a travel agent... maybe in my next life.

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