Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pete & Rose

Introducing Nemette's latest friends... Pete & Rose.  Two Pajama Cardinal fish are the newest residents of our fish tank.  As soon as I heard the fish were from the Cardinal family, I said "self, their name must be Pete Rose, after the famous Cardinal baseball player!"  Was that not the greatest idea, Cardinal fish named after a Cardinal player.  

When Doodle got home, I excitedly showed him Pete & Rose.  I said you know "after the famous Cardinal baseball player... PETE ROSE"!  

Doodle just looks at me and says "Pete Rose played for the Cincinnati Reds"!  

UGH... I have named my Cardinal fish after a Reds player... so much for my baseball knowledge!   

They are really neat fish, they just kind of hang out and look at you.  They have already figured out the feeding and swim up to the front when it is time for dinner.  Nemette has not caused any problems, in fact, I think she may have been lonely. 

1 comment:

  1. Rename the fish Albert and Pujols and you have solved the Cardinal dilemma.