Friday, March 18, 2011

List Day 7

Hi everyone, I am still tired, just busy trying to keep up with school, work, home, Doodle...  
I thought this was a good list day to finish on.

7. Good things that happened this week

I like this question, not because so many good things happened but that it makes you look for the positive and not the negative.  I am a firm believer that you should always look at a glass as half full (although, I admit, sometimes I fail at this!)
  • One midterm grade came back - 89 (so close but so far to an A)!
  • Doodle and I ate dinner twice together
  • My annual review at work turned out GREAT (if only they would lift the ban on raises)!
  • Mo's vet visit while quite costly went well and she was given a clean bill of health
  • The weather is perfect, highs in the upper 70's
  • Spring is here and our trees are starting to bloom

What good things happened in your world this week?  I want to know, share your thoughts.
Happy Friday everyone!

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