Tuesday, March 22, 2011

List Days 8 and 9

These questions are similar, in an effort to move this list challenge along, here goes two questions *gasp* amazing!

8. The best things that happened in the last year
9. The best days of your life

8. The best things that happened in the last year.
Mom came for several visits, I love when she comes out, it means a week of cooking, shopping, laughter and love.
I was accepted and started graduate school.  After 20 years out of school, I was quite proud of myself (now to just finish... the shiny newness of school has worn off)!
Doodle and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. 
After 2.5 years of owing Austin and many, many lessons, he participated in his first horse show.

9. The best days of your life
That so sounds like a song or a soap opera.  Did you ever watch soap operas?  I did, Santa Barbara, every episode, from start to finish.  When I was in France, they were showing reruns of Santa Barbara, I loved that show!

 Okay, back to the questions, everyday day I am alive is the best day.  There are days I remember more, getting engaged, getting married, landing in France, returning home, mom graduating from college, they are all best days. 

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