Friday, March 4, 2011


Whew... what a week!  I officially turned in my last midterm this morning and Spring Break starts tomorrow.  Since I have a week away from school, I plan to accomplish all of the following in the next two days:
  • Water change in fish tank
  • Clean house - after 8 weeks of no cleaning, it has gotten just a bit gross
  • Find a house keeper - from above statement, I obviously need HELP
  • Visit crazy ass barn friend who moved... over a month ago and I still have not seen her new house... I promise, I am coming over
  • Visit the horse that I own... I think he has forgotten me
  • Weed, work in the yard, plan the garden

Why you ask is all of the above being accomplished in the next two days, when I have 7 days of school freedom... two research papers are calling my name.  

Happy Friday everyone!

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