Sunday, April 24, 2011

Birthday Getaway

Doodle and I escaped for an overnight trip to Rabun County, GA this weekend.  It was a much needed retreat from our daily life and studying.  Doodle had an appointment at a local spa for his favorite hot stone massage and came back looking refreshed.  I was reading while he was at the spa... okay, I was really watching the Swallows and wondering why they continued to want to sit on the gutter of the resort. 

We had dinner at a local restaurant and the entire town must have wished DB "Happy Birthday"!  The local entertainment was wonderful, there were two singers one of which was an Elvis impersonator.   He was really good, we stayed and listened to the music for an hour after we ate, it was really a nice evening!  I love small towns, there is just something about everyone being friendlier and nicer.  

Rabun County is home of Tallulah Gorge State Park.  Wow, what a beautiful place.  We had visited before and forget the camera so we went back to get a few shots.  They offer moonlight hikes during the full moon, we are planning a return visit.  I think some of the plants are native to Georgia, so I will definitely be planting those in the yard, what an enchanting place.


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