Monday, April 18, 2011

Why it Takes Hours to Read Three Pages

The amount of reading placed on us for the last two weeks of the semester is insane.  Why would you assign 300 plus pages when the entire class has checked out?  If you are out there and listening, please do not do this again.  

While the reading is dull, I have decided it takes much longer than necessary to read thanks to the helpful cats.  Rio insists upon clawing my leg and hanging there until I relent and pick her up.

Mo on the other hands, thinks laying on the book is the most convenient place for her to be.  If I push her away, she will slowly sneak back until some part of her is covering the pages.  

Why do you ask do I not leave them downstairs until I have finished... they sit at the top step and cry until the door is opened.  It is a catch-22, listen to the meowing until I go insane or have them crawling on the books until I go insane.  I think they are winning!


  1. ah, kitties are all like that. when i am designing and in need of complete concentraton so the creativity and emerge, bad little bridget will misbehave. after her reprimand, she then proceeds to claw a corner of the carpet at the door. she then gets put in the library...she knows she is bad...meanwhile the other kitties are well behaved...princess always has to have a paw on the keyboard when i am typing and reading blogs in the living room...sigh...but i love them all! :) good luck with that boring reading...blahhhh!

  2. I should be reading your posts more often. This is adorable, and I can relate to the cat part completely.