Thursday, May 5, 2011


How is it possible that two dogs have more dental work done in a year than both DB and I combined?  

The poops spent the day at the vet yesterday getting their teeth cleaned.  DB had to pick them up for me, as I was taking a final last night.  
GB: "How are the poops?"
DB: " They both are on pain killers and antibiotics."
GB: "Why"
DB: "Ling lost 5 teeth and Shen lost 3 teeth"
GB: "Do I want to know how much this cost?  I am guessing $800"
DB: "Try again"
GB: "$1000"
DB: "Nope... $1600"
GB: "Holy Shit, no, really, crap, do they have any teeth left?"
DB: "Not too many!"

I went down to get the poops and they were PITIFUL.  Their mouths are swollen, Ling cannot even close hers.  Both Shen and Ling climbed in my lap and just looked at me.  I feel terrible for them.  They got a small amount of food and feel asleep upstairs with DB.  

This morning they still feel bad, I am hoping that spending the day at home will help them start to feel better.  I did ask that Ling not try to chew any additional walls, wire or kennel material.  Apparently, she had several broken teeth from her escape attempts.  Shen lost his teeth due to the fact he was born with a cleft palate, he does not really chew his food and that has caused rot in his mouth.  Between the two of them, they do not have a full head of teeth... 

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