Monday, May 9, 2011

5 Days

Photo Credit - Lonely Planet
I cannot believe that I leave for Brazil in five days... it has been years since I attended a study abroad program.  I had someone ask my about grad school and I have been vague as the school decided it would be a grand idea to post our profiles and in the concept of maintaining privacy, I cannot say what the degree is in or where I attend.  

Today I bought an electricity converter kit and the store had all these cool travel items, like bags that fold into tiny squares that you can use for shopping.  Oh, did I say shopping... I mean studying and carrying books.  

While I am excited, I am already missing Doodle.  We do not get to spend much time together due to school and now I have two weeks away from him.  When I get back from Brazil, summer school starts June 1, so there is no down time at all.  I am going to try and post from Brazil but I do not own a laptop so if the hotels do not have free computers, I will be down for a couple of weeks.

Happy Monday everyone! 

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  1. What an adventure you're going to have. All of this will pay off in the end, and you and Doodle will have more time for each other. I have nothing but admiration for what you are doing for yourself. Be safe on your journey and have some fun.