Saturday, May 7, 2011


FINISHED!  Finals are officially over, I took the last test and it was a bitch!  The professor pulled quotes from the books and removed a word, which we were expected to fill in.  Goodness, I read the book but did not memorize it.  Ah well, nothing I can do now but wait for grades.  

To recap the last 16 weeks of my life:

  • 10 books read totaling 3477 pages
  • several articles printed and read = numerous dead trees
  • 2 research papers written
  • 8 module briefs written
  • 42 discussion points written
  • stress level up
  • gray hairs increased

Again, I have to thank Doodle for ensuring that I ate on a regular schedule and for supporting me though this semester.  2 semesters to go, I will graduate in December!

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