Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Am Back

I got home yesterday and while visiting Brasil was amazing, I am so happy to be home.  I have started going through the pictures and my little camera did not hold up well, so I am going to run the pictures through Photo Shop in the hopes I can get clearer images.  I think I will break the trip into a couple of posts and put in as many photos as I can.  

Flying into Sao Paulo
Both Sao Paulo and Rio are huge... think about it, 18 million people live in the city.  The cities never seem to end, it is absolutely amazing and crowed and dirty.  The cost of housing there has increased and put owning an apartment out of the reach of many locals.  Not only that, everything is so expensive!  You can make payments on socks.  It is actually less expensive for Brazilians to fly to Miami, shop and fly back than purchase clothes in there own country.  

That being said, I wonder just how much money I spent! 

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