Friday, June 3, 2011

Brasil Part 2 - Street Market

One of the best days in Sao Paulo was the day we stopped at a local street market for lunch. I have no idea what we ate but they were deep fried pockets of goodness.  You could pick what you wanted, chicken, cheese, bananas, etc and the man fried it right in front of you. 

In addition we had fresh sugar cane juice.  The sugar cane goes in, the juice is squeezed out and the husks come out the other side.  He mixed the sugar can juice with fresh pineapple juice and it was a bit of heaven!  Of course no calories!
Sugar cane going into the machine

Sugar Cane Husks after being squeezed

Once we ate, we walked around the market and looked at all the fresh fruit and veggies. 
 Fresh lettuce
Eggplant and peppers
 Look at the size of these avocados

This was my favorite day in Sao Paulo, it was great being out in a place that the locals ate at and enjoying the sites and sounds of the street market.  I honestly could have eaten at a place like this every day of the trip!

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