Saturday, June 18, 2011

Brazil - Christo Redentor

As promised, I am wrapping up the Brasil posts.  Rio was filled with site visits and lectures for school but we did spend a morning at Christo Redentor.  This is the famous Christ the Redeemer that overlooks the city of Rio.  You can take a tram almost to the top or walk the entire way... we opted for the tram.   When you reach the top, you can see for miles, if the weather and smog holds.  On our visit, the smog was actually not too bad... I would hate to see it on a bad day.
The statue is huge!  When you are in the city, you do not realize how large it is.  It is amazing to see close up.  The gentleman working at the base gives you an idea of scale.

On the last night, I walked to the end of Impanena beach to a large rock and finally took in a  sunset at the beach.  I believe watching the sunset was one of my most memorable times in Rio, the only thing that would have made it more perfect was having Doodle with me. 

Sun setting behind the mountains, Impanena Beach 

Goodbye, Rio!

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  1. I think I would take the tram also, lol. Beautiful sunset. One of the things I miss most about Nevada...fantastic sunsets and sunrises.