Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brazil Part 1

So we landed in Brasil (why does the US insist upon spelling it wrong?) on a Saturday morning, breezed through customs and hoped into our awaiting van.  It was quite humorous to watch the driver shove all luggage into the car that was too small.  Away we sped through the never ending city of Sao Paulo.  Wow, the city just keeps going as far as your eyes can see, it is truly the biggest city I have ever been a part of.  

We arrive at the hotel and are informed that we cannot check in early, off to sit by the pool for the next four hours while waiting on the rooms to be ready.  Finally, check in time!  We enter the rooms and the first thing I notice is the windows actually open and there are no screens... hello bugs!

For some unknown reason the lights will not work in our room, could everything be burnt out?  We tried turning them on, off, on, off... finally a call to the front desk and they inform us the little key holder by the front door works the lights.  This contraption allows for energy savings, nice idea.  

Dumb Tourist!

By 1:00 pm we had fallen into the twin beds fast asleep.  Traveling is hard business. 

That night we ate at a Brasilian steakhouse and while it was enjoyable, I really do not eat enough to warrant that kind of expense.  But as I had paid for the meal I went.  The best part about the meal are Caipirinhas (Brasils National Drink)... oh my what a wonderful concoction.  More about Caipirinhas later...

Football Stadium
Monday, we had a lecture and city bus tour of Sao Paulo.  The city tour was nice but they did not let us out of the bus at any of the stops but the Football Stadium.  Sao Paulo is the financial hub of Brasil, there is not too many tourist sites to see and as such there is not one statute that represents the city.  Here are some pictures shot from the window of the bus and the football stadium.

Statute showing evolution of Brasil

Part 2 coming up!


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