Sunday, June 5, 2011

Brazil Part 3

Not much sightseeing was done in Sao Paulo, but, we did eat excellent pizza one evening.  There is a large Italian population in Brasil and one restaurant was recommended on all the various websites: Braz.  What wonderful pizza it was, we were able to try two different kinds of cheese pizza with no red sauce!  I think it was the best meal in Brasil.  

The other interesting place we ate at in Sao Paulo was called the Black Dog.  It was a local fast food place that specialized in hotdogs.  It was really different, the hot dog was inside this soft bun with mashed potatoes, corn, cheese wiz, and relish.  It was like they took everything left from the night before and put it in the bun.  Weird!

As I was in Brasil for study abroad, we were required to conduct so many hours of social service or learning about options exist in other countries.  The one thing everyone seems to know about Brasil is the large favelas or slums.  A couple of years ago the violence associated with the favelas was making headlines.  Now many of them are pacified and we were able to visit two in Sao Paulo that have community centers sponsored by local hospitals.  These are not the best but it does give you an idea of what we saw.

By the time we had completed our visit, it was well past dinner and getting dark.  This lady was selling corn and from what everyone said, it was wonderful!  

While the favelas were definitely eye opening, I was encouraged by the number of companies and private enterprises that are working toward assisting these people in their rise from poverty.  

I hope that as everyone starts sharing their pictures, I can post some better ones.  I did not want to take pictures without permission but I did want to capture daily life and the sights that we were exposed to.  

I will finish up Sao Paulo tomorrow and then it is on the Rio.


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