Saturday, June 11, 2011

Brazil Part 6

I will try to wrap these posts up in the next couple of days.  Not that there is anything exciting happening in my world... just reading, writing and test taking.  

One of the scheduled class outings was a Samba show, I was actually looking forward to this; however, what we attended was actually billed at the "the most famous folklore show in Rio" which = a way to take money from tourists.  Yes, they had dancing, yes, they had costumes, yes, they demonstrated Capoeira but overall I was unimpressed.  Much of the dancing seemed to be the women shaking their asses.  The show chronicled the history of Brazil, including huge African influence.  The pictures are not the best, but we were sitting toward the back of the room.  

Capoeira, folklore dancing.  This was really cool. 
I have a video if I can figure out how to load it I will share

Some sort of dancing

more dancing
Representative carnival costumes

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