Sunday, June 19, 2011

Project 2011

Before I left for Rio, we had a company come out and give us an estimate on adding onto our deck and doing some landscaping in the backyard.  

The estimate was $100k!  

DB and I nearly crapped when he presented the estimate.  Now, do not misunderstand, we did want a parking pad added for the truck, walkway to the backyard, patio under the deck, extension to the deck, and water feature... 

BUT come on $100k... 


SO, we looked at the plans that the company was nice enough to draw up for us (by the way, our neighbors mailbox is really on our property!) and decided, we could certainly complete the deck renovation ourselves.  Ourselves at this point in time really means Doodle. 

Doodle has been hard at work taking the deck apart. These were taken Saturday morning, by the end of today, everything is down and DB has been laying out where the new deck will be.


  1. More power to you. That's a lot of work, but Doodle's young, although he may not feel young any more after finishing it all. I wanted to turn our half garage into part of the dining area, and the quote was more than we paid for the house :(

  2. I think Doodle may be feeling his age... he already cannot feel part of his leg.

  3. i cannot believe that estimate! that is sooo high! i would have thought maybe 25 grand. your rio pics are so cool!

  4. Holy cow! That is an insane amount of money! Go chop down your neighbor's mailbox. Kidding! :)

  5. $100K? What were you wanting to do? Make the Taj Mahal back there? Oh my goodness.

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