Sunday, July 17, 2011

Image from Phone

and then, she {snapped}

We have been contemplating getting me a new cellular phone, mine rattles as there are loose parts within from being dropped one too many times and the phone is randomly hanging up on people now.  I am exceeding hard on electronics, my phone has been dropped into water buckets at the barn, pushed off the desk by the cats, played with by dogs... okay maybe not that last one.  

I do not have a fancy smart phone, just a regular phone with a camera but there are a couple of pictures that I have taken that I wanted to save.  I have been sending them to DB... so he can send them back to me.  Here is one that was taken at a local winery just after it had rained.    


  1. That photo is amazing. I take all my photos with my cell phone, it is a regular touch pad one and the camera features on it are amazing. I use one of those tiny chips to download from it to computer. I do have a regular camera that I plan to learn how to use some year, lol. Great photos are more about the artistic ability of the photographer, than about the equipment used. You have a wonderfully artistic eye for capturing what you see.