Monday, August 29, 2011

Larry, Mo & Curly

I finally broke down and bought additional fish for the tank.  I have been wanting more fish but honestly do not want to spend too much money as I am still new to having the tank.  I ended up with three Green Chromis... "Larry, Mo & Curly".  They seem happy enough and survived the water change this weekend. 

I also got several new snails, the cutest of which are Bumble Bee Snails and look like small black and yellow bumble bees.  

Finally, I purchased an Emerald Crab... "Crabby".  I am not sure if you can see him in the picture below.  Crabby is toward the bottom right corner sitting on the rock.  He is suppose to eat this green bubble algae that I have growing in the tank.  Crabby is actually fun to watch, as long as he does not know you are watching. 

1 comment:

  1. oh. my. you like fish.

    I had a bad experience. I had fish in highschool. They were mean. They ate everyone else with gills AND they would splash around in their tank ominously at night.
    Sometimes they would jump out of their tank, and I would find them later and THEY WOULD STILL BE ALIVE! I'll admit it, they scared me. I was too afraid/compassionate to do them in. But, I thought they were jerks. They were the thugs of fishdom.
    Anyway, the exhibit was in Fresno, CA. :)