Saturday, August 6, 2011

Much Needed Computer Break

I have been lax about blogging!  I took a much needed computer break (at least from the one at the house) for the past week.  It was such joy to come home and not have to sit at the computer and work at school.  Doodle and I watched TV, I read a book THAT I WANTED TO READ, I slept, and we cooked, actual dinners, together!  It has been wonderful, but alias, school beckons once again and I must begin to research my final paper.

Doodle is still working on the deck, it is slow going when doing everything yourself and when we have had afternoon pop-up thundershowers.  We are grateful for the rain as the grass was beginning to turn a touch brown, but we officially have a mud pit where he has been working on the deck.  I honestly think he will be finished in another couple of weeks, the waterproofing and gutter system is in place and the deck boards were delivered today.

Two tomato plants have given up and died... just too hot for them.  I finally got around to planting the pumpkin seeds, lets hope they come up for fall.  I have been out to visit Austin (horse I own) and thankfully, he did not forget me.  I wonder if it is due to all the carrots he is getting now?  I have ridden a couple of times and a year off was way too long... my legs are jello and I look like I just started riding again but I came home filthy and smiling from ear to ear.



  1. my tomato plants died too. An evil grasshopper ate them. BOO!

  2. Glad you were able to come out to the barn and be filthy and smiling... we love you too! <3