Saturday, August 27, 2011


This has been a busy week, I am going to try and post updates throughout the day, when we take breaks from working on the deck.  Highlights include a friends birthday, where we went bowling... you will see from the scores, that I am not a bowler!  New additions to the tank and one loss occurred this week.  The pumpkins have sprouted, six plants have taken root, I am not sure we will have pumpkins by fall, at the rate they are growing, perhaps I should have planted earlier.  

Tonight we are attending an Iftar dinner with the place that I am interning at.  Doodle and I are very excited to attend our first dinner and learn more about their beliefs and practices.  I am hoping they will allow pictures.

It is still hotter than Hades here and we need rain desperately.  Our grass is burning up and I am having to water twice just to keep the flowers going.  We had hoped that Hurricane Irene would have turned inland and brought rain to Georgia but it was not to be.  

Signing off, Doodle is ready to start on the deck...


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  1. I'm having to water here in Tennessee also. We've had scattered showers most of the time, but my gardens seem to be on their go around list. Just want to tell you I think Doodle is a fantastic carpenter. Your deck is going to look amazingly professional.