Saturday, September 17, 2011

Golf Outing

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This morning DB and I went to the driving range and then played at the local par 3, 9 hole golf course.  That was after a grease filled hearty breakfast at the local Waffle House. (yuck yum) DB is one of those souls that is good at everything he tries.  He has great eye-hand coordination and is very athletic.  

I on the other hand was always the last one chosen for any sport, ducked when balls came my way and can barely make contact with the ball.  I think it is all the rules, keep your arms straight, bend your knees, left shoulder under your chin, do not lift your feet, and that is before you even attempt to swing. 

All the while, Doodle is encouraging me, "that was a really good swing, you just forgot to keep your arms straight, you did not bend at the knees, you are not looking at the ball..."

After a quick warm up on the driving range, we headed to the first tee.  

Doodle hits the ball, down the fairway to the green. 

I hit the ball, it rolls 10 feet!  

I hit the ball again, it rolls 10 feet. 

I hit the ball again... it flies out of bounds into the woods, never to be seen again. I am so excited the ball was actually in the air, this game just might be fun!  

Over the entire course, I hit the ball into all possible sand-traps, water features, the woods and onto the adjoining fairway, where the gentlemen were nice enough to stop and watch me try to make contact with the ball, to get it back into my area.  My average score per hole was 8.  Luckily all the swing and misses do not count, I would have easily averaged 15 or more!

The best part of golf, spending time with Doodle.  We laughed, got some exercise and have plans to try it again next weekend.  Next time, I am bringing the camera... watch out golfers, here I come!

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  1. This was so much fun to read. Glad you two don't need the urge to outdo each other. You two are so perfect for each other.