Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pumpkin Update

I hate to admit it but peeing on the pumpkins seems to work.  Okay, I really do not hate to admit it, is just a bit strange.  (Friend who told me, I will never doubt LA (Lower Alabama) advice again!)  Last night while walking the dogs, several deer were in the yard and they were definitely avoiding the pumpkin plants.  Two flowers have sprouted on the plant but it is not any bigger than it was, I am beginning to wonder if I will in fact get a pumpkin and what it will look like.

Fall arrives this weekend, so I will drag what is left of the fall decorations out and then figure out what I need to purchase.  This summer the shellacked pumpkins that I stored turned to mush in the 100 degree heat and leaked all over my other decorations.  So, that means a shopping trip for updated decorations. 

I have yet to start on my final paper, the rough draft is due in two weeks... I guess I should start... maybe tomorrow!


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