Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Strange Finding

You will never guess what I found this morning, one in my trunk and two on the roof of my car!  

Not bugs

Not shoes

Not a cat


How in the world did one mouse dropping end up in my trunk?  Could I have a mouse living in my car?  I thought this only occurred to people living in Ruralville?  Both Doodle and I looked and did not see any mice and nothing was eaten in the trunk... the mystery remains.

1 comment:

  1. Last year In the corner of the back seat of my car, I found one of those funnel spider webs. I sprayed the hell out of it and the trunk also, LOL. You know, mice can go almost anywhere...climb up the tire to underneath the car, and any little opening they're in. They can squeeze through a very small or flat space. Why don't you put a mouse traps with some peanut butter on the trigger where you found the droppings and see how many you catch. You don't want one building a nest in your car, and since you don't have anything to eat in your car, I'm thinking they are there to nest.