Saturday, September 24, 2011

Team Building

Yesterday our office shut down at 11:00 am to have a "team building" afternoon.  It was really just an afternoon of fun and laughter because, I believe it is difficult for 50 people to team build while bowling and playing laser tag.  Where to start... the fifty people were broken into teams of 5... out of the 5 people on my team, one person chose not to bowl and 3 of us have back problems!

You do see where this is going...

The first game we held up pretty good, took a couple of Aleve, and bowled our hearts out.  The second game, the Aleve had not kicked in and we were all moving slower and just hoping the ball would make it to the pins.  Needless to say, we did not place in the top 5, I am not even sure we placed in the top 7.  But we did have fun, even with the aches and pains, it was nice getting to know some of the other people in the office that I really do not interact with.

Next up... 

Laser Tag!  First let me say, this is SO MUCH FUN!  You wear these vests that light up and whenever you are hit, it vibrates (get your minds out of the gutter... this is not why I like laser tag), and you cannot shoot for a few seconds.  Of course, I would double over laughing and forget to move so the other player would just shoot me again.

Would you believe, I managed third place in my two rounds of laser tag, I just kept shooting until I hit something.  While our team did not win any of the awards, it was a great way to spend a Friday afternoon.

Even if I am barely moving today! 


  1. What an awesome way to spend an afternoon.

  2. Now that kind of team building sounds wonderful, despite all the aches and pains, lol.