Monday, October 3, 2011

Final Paper

Thanks for the words of motivation, I actually started on my final paper.  It is slow going because I am not sure what I am suppose to be writing about.  I thought it was a research paper but the paperwork is calling it an internship report... so I am combining the two together.  Hopefully my professor will be impressed and I will not have too many changes.  

Mo has faithfully resumed her spot on top of the desk on the papers, she has slipped back into her role as Study Kitty.  It seems a bit weird to sit at the desk again, after taking two months off.  Wow, did I just say that?  Times certainly have changed from a year ago when I was in tears weekly.  I am still considering going for a PhD, although, it is not as important to me as it was before I started this adventure.  I know I do not want to teach and wonder why I would want to invest another five or so years in school, just to obtain a doctorate degree.  Instead, I have been looking into an environmental sustainability certificate, that would allow me to focus on my interests.  You never know what crazy idea I will come up with next!

Happy Monday!



  1. You have a great looking gang. Your pets are so cute. I love studying. I'm 63 and I'm learning Greek. Enjoy your education. Doylene

  2. I remember those grad school days. Hope everything goes well with your paper.