Sunday, October 2, 2011


Happy October!  

The weather in Georgia has finally realized what the calendar said a week ago, it is cool, windy, and crisp, perfect for going to state fairs and pumpkin patches.  When did pumpkins get to be so expensive?  The price of a "large" pumpkin, which really looks like a medium to me is $25.00.  Is it just me or have the prices on everything just sky-rocketed of late?

This week, I have been fighting a nasty case of poison ivy on both arms from working in the yard.  I finally broke down and went to a clinic on Friday, after I could not bend my right arm and it was swollen, red, and hot.  Not only did I have an awesome case of poison ivy BUT a staph infection in my arm.  One massive shot of steroids and a continued regime of steroids and antibiotic, my arm is much less swollen, red, and hot.  Although it still looks really nasty and this poor woman in the Wendy's yesterday must have thought I had the plague.  She ran out of the bathroom.  Guess it is long sleeves for me until this clears up.

I hope everyone had a most wonderful weekend, I have 13 days to left to write that damn final paper, I still just so unmotivated!




  1. Pumpkin prices are a combination of drought in the midwest and too much rain in the east coast.

  2. Oh, how I feel for you. I had poison ivy once on my ankle and lower leg...nasty. I know what it looks like now, cause the birds drop the seeds all over my yard. When I see that the vine I pulled out of the bushes was poison ivy instead of virginia creeper, I do a good washing of my hands and I'm okay. I think I have a little immunity from the first incident. Hope you get better soon with your arms. Must make trying to write up that final paper even harder. Here's hoping the motivation kicks in real soon in overdrive :)