Sunday, October 9, 2011


Our next door neighbors will talk your ear off, nicest people we could ever have living next to us. When we had all the snow this January, they came over and helped with our driveway, they mow part of our lawn... okay they think it is theirs... but the gesture is nice.  


They are a bit on the how do I say this nicely, "redneck side".  As I did not grow up here in the South, I am not honestly sure how one defines redneck.  According to Wikipedia Redneck is a historically derogatory slang term used in reference to poor white farmers, especially from the Southern United States.  I would tend to use the term "country" rather than redneck. 

How did my neighbors inspire a blog post.  Well, let me just tell you what I saw when I arrived home Friday night.  My neighbor, was mowing his yard (yes, his yard).  He has a walking self-propelled mower and he keeps his yard very neat.  However, this Friday, not only was he walking behind the mower but on top of the mower he has a large outside trash can.  

Let me say that again, my neighbor is pushing his mower while balancing a trash can on the top of it.  I nearly hit the car parked in the street staring at him.  

The best part of this is, this is just one of the stranger things that happen next door... they currently have a tent set-up in the garage.  I am not sure if one of their children got in trouble and is being punished or if they have people visiting and thought this is the best place for extras to sleep.

In a tent.

In the garage.

The final piece de resistance, our neighbors do not believe in trash pick-up.  OH NO, not them, why have your garbage picked up when you can store all trash in the back of their truck until overflowing?  Why would you not want that lovely smell to stay with you at all times.  

You be the judge... Country or Redneck?


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